Primavera in Sospeso

Collaborative installation with Anna Rose

The installation Primavera in Sospeso (Spring on Hold) reexamines Botticelli’s Primavera, an iconic image that is often romanticized and commercialized, deconstructing and re-framing the late-Renaissance masterpiece and its ubiquitous postcard format within the artists’ personal perspectives.

Using materials often found in both Jennie Suddick and Anna Rose’s practices (including paper, plastic, wool, and synthetic hair), the two artists explode the famous image. An initial sense of familiarity with the subject and the materials is destabilized, woven into an immersive environment to be navigated by the viewer.

The two artists constructed elements of this project remotely, beginning the process of unraveling and expanding the subject matter within the specific contexts of their different environments. Over the residency period, the initial installation will expand through new works and material explorations that will further dissect elements and influences of the original artwork. The artists invite you to learn more about their individual practices and dig deeper into where they converge. 

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