The Tree House Project

The Tree House Project, envisions the tree house as both a personal space and a realm of the imagination, a lens to consider changing landscape, autonomy, and nostalgia through. Jennie Suddick ask members of the public to recall unrealized childhood plans for tree houses or other forts, along with narratives of why the plans did not come to fruition.  Children often devise elaborate and capricious ideas for their own spaces that cannot be built due to limitations such as time, cost, family/ cultural priorities and the increasingly common lack of space. Suddick continue to use discussion and collaborative sketching at a variety of community and exhibition spaces to recapture ideas that visitors once had for such spaces. From the information compiled through each informal interview, Suddick creates scale paper architectural models and detailed drawings, as a tangible representation of childhood ambitions. Many of the translated images and drawings are hybrids of the concepts shared by multiple participants, linking common experiences or ideas.

The Tree House Project is ongoing; expanding as more people engage with it and play a collaborative role towards capturing varied perspectives and ideas.

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